1 Saturday Morning

I don’t even think there is one anymore to be honest. 1 Saturday Morning was on ABC every Saturday morning starting around 6 or 7 o’clock in the morning. I remember waking up at around 9 on Saturdays, getting myself a cup of yogurt and fruit, and running back t my room to watch Saturday Morning cartoons just like my dad trained me to do.


The House of Mouse

Pepper Ann

The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show

And let’s not forget everyones favorite School House Rock!

For years this was what was on on Saturday mornings followed by the Power Rangers. I would always relax on my bed until my parents got up and enjoy a morning with no school. It was refreshing and fun. And once Monday came along, I was able to talk to my friends about the awesome cartoons that was on that day. Now there were other channels that had Saturday morning cartoons. Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, WGN or now know as The CW, CBS, and NBC. When I turned 11 o 12, Saturday Morning Cartoons went from Cartoons to watching live action shows or even the news. The demand to watch cartoons in the morning was soon pushed to cable channels where you could watch cartoons all day. But it wasn’t the same. Saturday Morning Cartoons was a special moment in a child’s life. And to watch the new episodes of shows that come on in the morning on different channels was a real treat. But sadly they hardly do that any more. It’s 2012 and last week, Nick started airing their newest cartoon The Legend of Korra Saturday mornings at 11/10 EST. This gave me hope and a since of nostalgia. Having to get up excited over watching cartoons in the morning is how being a kid is suppose to be.

Old Nick vs New Nick

Any 90s kid would say this this is not even a battle since old Nickelodeon is where it’s at. But then some good things came from the new Nickelodeon like The Legend of Korra that airs this Saturday. But how does one really compare the old vs the new like the Nostalgic Critic does?

Old Nick ~  1991-2004 Cartoons (this was the time I stopped watching Nick)

  1. The Rugrats
  2. Spongebob
  3. Doug
  4. KaBlam!
  5. CatDog
  6. AAAHH! Real Monsters
  7. The Ren and Stimpy Show
  8. Hey Arnold!
  9. The Wild Thornberrys (Tim Curry is in this show!)
  10. The Angry Beavers
  11. Rocket Power
  12. Pelswick
  13. As Told By Ginger
  14. My Life as a Teenage Robot
  15. The Fairly Odd Parents (I almost wrote the Fairly OodParents for all my Doctor Who fans)
  16. Danny Phantom
  17. ChalkZone
  18. Action League Now!
  19. Invader Zim
  20. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
  21. All Grown Up (The very bad Rugrats sequel…)

Nicktoons ~ 2005-2012

Some of these should be in the other list but this was the best one I could find.

  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender (A must watch show. the sequel airs this Saturday!!!!)
  2. Catstrach
  3. Planet Sheen
  4. Angelica and Susie’s Preschool Dayz
  5. The Mighty Bee!
  6. Tak and the Power of Juju
  7. The X’s
  8. El Tigre: the Adventures of Manny Rivera
  9. Wayside
  10. Back at the Barnyard
  11. The Penguins of Madagascar
  12. Fan Boy and Chum Chum
  13. T.U.F.F Puppy
  14. Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness
  15. The Legend of Korra

Now there is a huge difference between these two colons. First of all, the first colon 19 out of 21, 90%, of the shows were traditional cartoons and they took over Saturday mornings and the channel as a whole. The second colon, 8 out of 15, 53%, of the shows were traditional cartoons however they are now pushed onto their own channel were they keep replaying the same two shows (Spongebob and The Penguins).

But that is not all

Majority of Nickelodeon now is mostly live action and no Slim.

The Old nick was full of laughs, messiness, lessons to learn all the time.

Now most of the live action shows, they just yell, dance randomly and hurt each other trying to make people laugh.

It’s hard to say and this argument can go on forever. But as you can see I prefer old Nick. I’ll make another post talking about Live Action shows on nick.

Powerpuff Save the Day!

Everyone has his or her favorite super hero. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Thor, Wolverine, The Flash, the list goes on and on. As a female watching TV and wishing for a hero that wasn’t a Disney Princess, I found that Cartoon Network’s The Powder Puff Girls took a good portion of my time and worshipping. They were originally called the Kick-Ass Girls but to be able to still be a children’s show, they changed the name to the Powder Puff Girls.

From Left to Right: Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup. My heroes when I was in the second grade.

This show was all female power. Three little girls made from Sugar, spice, everything nice with an extra accidental ingredient, Chemical X. Professor Utonium  just wanted daughter who were the perfect little girls but instead he created superheroes. The Powder Puff Girls were soon fighting crime in their city of Townsville. These 30 minute episodes with great storylines and a funny nostalgic feel to it, made the show a winner in my heart and in the hearts of many others.

The Powder Puff Girls had many villains such as Mojo Jojo (my aunt’s favorite), HIM, Princess Morbucks, The Gangrene Gang, and Fuzzy Lumpkins just to name a few. They were friends with the Mayor who kept a hotline phone in his office so that he could call the girls whenever the city was in trouble. But they had to do it before bedtime so that they could go to Kindergarten the next day. Even though they could fly and shoot lasers from their eyes, they still had spelling test to attend to.

I miss this show. I would often watch my favorite episode on Youtube which was the dedication to the Beatles where every line they said was a lyric from a Beatle’s song. But when I had Boomerang on my Cable TV, I would sit and watch that show like it was no tomorrow. And although my mom hated me watching that show growing up because of the violence they showed, I still watch it today. This show showed me that little girls could be superheroes too. That they could save the world and take a nap with no problem. You can still catch me at times singing the “Love” song from one of the episodes where a mime takes all the color away and Bubbles saves the day. That’s how much Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup impacted me. And that’s why I would will show my future children this show when I start a family. Powder Puff!