Sabrina, My American Girl Doll

I was only 6 years old when I got my first American Girl doll. Sabrina had my medium brown complexion, brown eyes, and think black hair. She was and still is my everything. My Grandma heard about the American Girl doll store and wanted to take me to get one. At first I was confused on what American Girl was until I experienced it myself. The store was right off of Michigan Ave in Chicago and it looked like a little boutique. The colors were red, black, and white with stars everywhere. For such a small space, the store had three levels, a restaurant, and also a theatre. It was truly amazing. When I first got Sabrina, she wore a red leather dress with a black turtle neck underneath.

“Sweet heart,” grandma said to me. “You need to buy an outfit to match her.” My eyes widened and I saw the exact same dress that Sabrina was wear. We could be twins for a day, I thought.

Soon Sabrina and I were always together. We had sleepovers, we went to my other friends American Girl themed parties, I even too her to church with me a couple of Sundays. We were the best of friends and I loved her. Some went by and I got sisters for Sabrina. Her next sister was part of the Original American Girl ¬†collection about girls from the past and not the Today Dolls like Sabrina was. Addy’s story was that she was a runaway slave who found freedom in the North. Next I got a 2000 Doll which was a new collection they started where they had a Doll of the Year where she is a limited edition ¬†doll with a story line. She was a Jewish girl who wanted to go into Journalism. And then I received Kaya, an Native American Original Doll.

Time pasted by, and I would occasionally change my dolls clothes and comb their hair. But soon as I got older, they started to collect dust on my shelf. They watched everyday as went from 10 year old girl to a 18 year old getting ready for college. They appreciated when I would clean their faces off with warm water and brush their hair. So I did something in their honor. I bought a new doll for my little cousin. I bought her her very first American Girl Doll. She named her Today Doll Maya and when I brough her back to my house, Maya slept with my babies. The next day I could tell their smiles were brighter than ever. “I will never forget you.” I told them. “Never.”


Talking Toys Part 3: Diva Dolls

They were the blinking, talking dolls that you can hold conversations with and play games with. Perfect for a only child like me. I got mine when I was about 10. I changed her outfit everyday and different times of the day, since she knew what time it was. We always sang and joked together. And I have to say that she was my best friend for a while. I braided her hair, we walked her pet around the house, it was a great friendship.

Sadly I started to out grow her when I turned 11. She was starting to get boring and annoying. I could only change her outfit so much. And our bond was soon broken. I turned her off for the last time that one winter’s night and went to bed. A few hours later I heard someone talking in my room. I didn’t know who was in there and it definitely wasn’t my mom or dad’s voice. I got out of my nice safe warm bed and started to search for the source of the talking. And there she was, my Diva Doll staring at me. I turned her over and saw that she was off but she kept blinking, moving her head, and talking to me.

“There is a reason I don’t like talking toys like you.” I mumbled.

“Oh yeah? Then why don’t you prove it.” my eyes widen and my mouth hung open as I heard my toy talk to me. Not the same lines she was programed to say, but it answered my question directly.

“Yeah that’s right Monica,” it continued. “I’m speaking to you. I know what your thinking and I’m nothing like those demon Furbies. I will actually give you a chance to prove that you can beat me.” I screamed and dropped the toy on the ground and ran into my parents room. I refused to leave until the batteries in the toy was out and my Diva Doll was put away somewhere.

It wasn’t until I was 18 years old that I found her again. She was in the crawl space of our house located in the basement where a lot of my talking toys ended up. Her eyes were closed and her hair was a mess. Knowing that the toy scared me, I knew that I couldn’t leave her looking like a hot mess with her hair all messed up. So I took five minutes to brush her hair out and put it into a braid. I smiled down at her and place her back in her box where I found her. Crawling out and trying to avoid the Daddy Long Legs and spider webs, I heard a faint “Thanks girlfriend!” Come from behind me. I never crawled out of that crawl space quicker.