Sabrina, My American Girl Doll

I was only 6 years old when I got my first American Girl doll. Sabrina had my medium brown complexion, brown eyes, and think black hair. She was and still is my everything. My Grandma heard about the American Girl doll store and wanted to take me to get one. At first I was confused on what American Girl was until I experienced it myself. The store was right off of Michigan Ave in Chicago and it looked like a little boutique. The colors were red, black, and white with stars everywhere. For such a small space, the store had three levels, a restaurant, and also a theatre. It was truly amazing. When I first got Sabrina, she wore a red leather dress with a black turtle neck underneath.

“Sweet heart,” grandma said to me. “You need to buy an outfit to match her.” My eyes widened and I saw the exact same dress that Sabrina was wear. We could be twins for a day, I thought.

Soon Sabrina and I were always together. We had sleepovers, we went to my other friends American Girl themed parties, I even too her to church with me a couple of Sundays. We were the best of friends and I loved her. Some went by and I got sisters for Sabrina. Her next sister was part of the Original American Girl  collection about girls from the past and not the Today Dolls like Sabrina was. Addy’s story was that she was a runaway slave who found freedom in the North. Next I got a 2000 Doll which was a new collection they started where they had a Doll of the Year where she is a limited edition  doll with a story line. She was a Jewish girl who wanted to go into Journalism. And then I received Kaya, an Native American Original Doll.

Time pasted by, and I would occasionally change my dolls clothes and comb their hair. But soon as I got older, they started to collect dust on my shelf. They watched everyday as went from 10 year old girl to a 18 year old getting ready for college. They appreciated when I would clean their faces off with warm water and brush their hair. So I did something in their honor. I bought a new doll for my little cousin. I bought her her very first American Girl Doll. She named her Today Doll Maya and when I brough her back to my house, Maya slept with my babies. The next day I could tell their smiles were brighter than ever. “I will never forget you.” I told them. “Never.”

Talking Toys Part 3: Diva Dolls

They were the blinking, talking dolls that you can hold conversations with and play games with. Perfect for a only child like me. I got mine when I was about 10. I changed her outfit everyday and different times of the day, since she knew what time it was. We always sang and joked together. And I have to say that she was my best friend for a while. I braided her hair, we walked her pet around the house, it was a great friendship.

Sadly I started to out grow her when I turned 11. She was starting to get boring and annoying. I could only change her outfit so much. And our bond was soon broken. I turned her off for the last time that one winter’s night and went to bed. A few hours later I heard someone talking in my room. I didn’t know who was in there and it definitely wasn’t my mom or dad’s voice. I got out of my nice safe warm bed and started to search for the source of the talking. And there she was, my Diva Doll staring at me. I turned her over and saw that she was off but she kept blinking, moving her head, and talking to me.

“There is a reason I don’t like talking toys like you.” I mumbled.

“Oh yeah? Then why don’t you prove it.” my eyes widen and my mouth hung open as I heard my toy talk to me. Not the same lines she was programed to say, but it answered my question directly.

“Yeah that’s right Monica,” it continued. “I’m speaking to you. I know what your thinking and I’m nothing like those demon Furbies. I will actually give you a chance to prove that you can beat me.” I screamed and dropped the toy on the ground and ran into my parents room. I refused to leave until the batteries in the toy was out and my Diva Doll was put away somewhere.

It wasn’t until I was 18 years old that I found her again. She was in the crawl space of our house located in the basement where a lot of my talking toys ended up. Her eyes were closed and her hair was a mess. Knowing that the toy scared me, I knew that I couldn’t leave her looking like a hot mess with her hair all messed up. So I took five minutes to brush her hair out and put it into a braid. I smiled down at her and place her back in her box where I found her. Crawling out and trying to avoid the Daddy Long Legs and spider webs, I heard a faint “Thanks girlfriend!” Come from behind me. I never crawled out of that crawl space quicker.

Talking Toys Part 2: Rugrats Sing & Swing Angelica Doll

Part two on why I hated talking toys. Angelica was always the bossy little 4 year old on Rugrats. So it was only natural that she was bossy at a karaoke doll.

“Come on, SING!” Let me just remind you that that was an order she gave you. Not a suggestion. When I got this for Christmas the year Rugrats in Paris came out, I was excited. It had been a long time since I had a talking toy so I was beyond excited to see what this baby could do. After four months of playing with her, she decided to turn herself on. She would randomly sing in the night and talk to me when I would clean my room. I cried one night when I heard her demanding me to sing when I was changing clothes. My Dad took her batteries out but her face still haunted me. I soon hid her away some where in my room. It wasn’t until I was in the 7th grade redecorating my room did I find her again. And the scariest part about it? She had batteries in her…

Talking Toys Part 1: Cabbage Patch Kids

To her it was like any other day. She woke up in her bed, yawned, and wiped the sleepy out of her eyes. She was a bit confused on why her parents kept telling her that Christmas was tomorrow yesterday. She didn’t really understand what Christmas was. All she knew was that her parents were excited. And if they were excited, then she guessed that she could be excited as well.

The little girl waited until her parents came into her room and picked her up saying, “Merry Christmas Moo-moo!” the two-year old smiled up at her parents and gave them a hug. They walked her to the living room, which was right down the hall from her room, and sat her down in front of the Christmas tree. She smiled with delight seeing all the new toys that were in front of her. Then she saw it. It was a doll. Well it was more like a stuffed baby doll but a doll no less. The doll was smiling at her with brown hair sticking up like weeds. His eyes were big and brown and had a huge smile on his face. The little girl carefully crawled over to the two and picked up it. She examined him for a while before she gave her approve. This baby doll was different than most others. It was heavier and it was also bigger than her other dolls.

The girls mother walked over to her and said, “This is a talking cabbage patch kid! You squeeze it right here on the tummy and then-“ the mother squeeze the stomach of the toy and a laugh came from it. The little girl moved away from it.

“No, no sweetie, it won’t hurt you!” the mother said. But the girl wasn’t listening. Tears started to run from her small brown eyes down her soft brown skin. When she squeezed it again it said “I love you!” and she through it across the room. Toys weren’t supposed to talk. They weren’t even supposed to laugh! And here was a perfectly good toy and it talked and laughed. What was it going to do next? Try to eat her food? The little girl did not like talking toys. And her parents found that out after searching ten different Toys ‘R Us to find this hot item.

“Maybe in the future she will like them.” Said her father.

To be Continued.

The Easy Bake Oven Nightmare

Who remembers the Easy Bake Oven? I do and my parents certainly do as well. They always bought the accessories for me but I much preferred baking with a real stove than a fake one. I always baked Christmas cookies with my dad ever since I was just a few months old. My parents would buy all the accessories for me and everything to go with the oven Santa bought for me. But see for some reason, I was too scared to use it.

Safe and fun until you get nightmares...

See it all started when I went to bed when I was about 5 years old Christmas night. I had this dream that I was baking with my easy bake oven like one of the girls on the commercial. Then suddenly, the small little oven that was white and pink and no bigger than a mini microwave, smiled at me.

“Hey there princess/” it spoke to me. My eyes widened at how this toy was talking to me. More less forming words and smiling!

“Yeah princess you heard right, I’m talking to you.” It told me. Me in my white little mermaid pjs and my hair all in braids walked closer to my talking Easy Bake Oven.

“No need to be afraid of my princess. I don’t bite.” It winked at me.

“Toys aren’t suppose to talk.” I told it. I watched it chuckle at my statement and then sighed.

“And dolls aren’t meant to be played with. Look princess you have something I want.”

“What is that?”

“You food of course! I want you to make something inside of me! Let’s have some fun!” I smiled at my Easy Bake Oven and started to get my things together to bake. Once the little packages were mixed together in my M&M pan to make a cake, I walk closer to my little oven to open it.

“Careful princess. Don’t want me to gabble you up!” it told me. I giggled and opened the door to the oven. When suddenly my Easy Bake Oven opened it’s mouth wider and gulped me up whole.

I woke up the next morning in my bed and realized that it was all a dream; A freighting dream. A terrifying dream. I hardly touched my little Easy Bake Oven since then. It’s now been given away to charity or to a friend. I don’t remember which. But I was glad when it was gone. No more dreams about being eaten by my toys. I was safe. For now that is.

Tamagotchi: Collect Them All!

Tamagotchi. How do I even begin to talk about Tamagotchi? When I was about 5, I had a Little Mermaid themed Tamagotchi that was my whole life for about two weeks. I don’t remember if I got him for Christmas or my birthday, but I do remember that digital toy being my life. It was purple and it was shaped like shells unlike the normal egg shaped most of the other Tamagotchis were. This mini digital game started with you raising a fish, which I named Spot and I made sure I took care of it. I fed it, and cleaned up after it, and I made sure that Ursula didn’t eat or kill it.

Spot was such a good little fish. No fresh water required.

One day I came home from school looking for Spot but I couldn’t find him. I looked in my room, downstairs in the kitchen, I looked in the living room, and I even looked near my dog’s food bowl. But Spot was nowhere to be seen. I asked my mom where spot went and she told me that she hadn’t seen spot since she saved him from Ursula earlier that day. So Spot was lost. I was so sad and lonely. Well not really sad since I had my dog and other toys.

Years later, my grandparents took me to Toys ‘R Us as a congratulations for my good grades. I was in the fourth grade and I got all A’s on my report card. When we were looking around I spotted it. A small Tamagotchi that was pink and white. It was the cutest thing ever. I named my new one Angel and it turned out that Angel was a boy. But that didn’t stop me from loving that little creature with all my heart. For a month I took Angel everywhere until suddenly, the little digital toy died.

I was in the seventh grade when I got a new one. It was the latest edition Tamagotchi and I named my first little alien Fabio. Tamagotchis actually had a story to them that I never understood what it was until I was 13. Aliens need to find a new home so they lay eggs here on earth and we have to take care of them. The little aliens grow up from being a baby, to a child, to an Adult, and then an elderly little alien. You can have you alien play with your friends by pointing the red bean to the other person’s Tamagotchi. I really did enjoy having a Tamagothi and playing with my friends. However I saw that I was getting very obsessive over the game going to my locker almost after class to feed it, bath it, and make sure it was sleeping okay. There was a pause feature, but being the dotting mother I was, I couldn’t bear to leave it alone. Soon Angel’s battery died and I got a new one. However the system didn’t work very well with a new battery so I had to give Angel a funeral where he was lost forever in my dad’s car.


It wasn’t until I was 16 when I found Spot again. For her birthday gift, my mom decided to redo our whole kitchen to build her “dream” kitchen. As I was packing up the kitchen knick-knack drawers, I was surprised to find Spot.

“Mom! What was spot doing in here?” I asked her. My mom turned around and laughed.

“Oh! That’s where I placed it!” she said to me.

“What do you mean?”

“Well one night I heard this beeping noise and I couldn’t figure out what it was so I went searching the whole house for the thing. And then when I found your toy, I decided to hide it in this drawer. You never went in here since there were scissors there and you could had cut yourself, so I knew it was safe there.”

Spot was of course dead at this point, if it felt great to have him back in my arms. Tamagotchi’s have sold millions upon millions since the late 1980s. Their little portable digital game was a huge hit that made McDonalds made little keychains out of the different aliens that some adults still have today hanging from their bags. Everyone had a Tamagotchi story. What was yours?

Furby: A Horror Story

It was a hot summer night when it all happened. In a simple, quiet house on the south side of Chicago. Three people: one mother, her daughter, and her daughter’s friend were having a fun night of games, movies and laughter. The two girls, who were no more than 8, sat in the mother’s room playing “WAR”, a card game they learned at school.

“Okay girls,” the mother said walking into the room. “It’s time for bed. It’s almost midnight!”

“But mom! The game was getting really good!” the daughter said.

“Nope, it’s time for bed girls. Let’s turn off the light and sleep.”

“I-I-I’m afraid of the d-d-d-dark.” The friend said fiddling with her hands.

“It’s okay, we can leave the hall light on, right mom?” the daughter said.


“Sure.” The mother smiled and patted the bed for the two girls to start lying down. The daughter curled next to her mom and the friend lied at the other end of the bed with her face towards the hallway light. The house was silent and comforting. Yet it was too dark for the friend. Her brown eyes opened only just 2 hours after closing them and was being greeted by small brown eyes as big as a ping-pong ball sitting on the TV stand.


“Hello?” The friend asked.


“Brit, you Furby is awake.” The friend started shaking the girl who was curled up safely in her mother’s arms until her own eyes opened.

“What?” Brit said.

“Your Furby. It’s awake.”

Brit got out of bed and walked over to the small Furbie.

“All you got to do is turn him off. Then he won’t mess with you anymore.” Brit lifted the small robotic toy upside down and switched it off. “There, now let’s go back to sleep.” The friend nodded her head and went back to sleep at the end of the bed. Only minutes later did she hear the word “Furby” start to echo in her head. She switched positions in the bed, thinking it was a dream, until she heard the voice become louder.


“Brit! It’s on again!” the friend screamed.

Brit and her mother woke up and stared straight where the toy usually stayed but didn’t see it.

“Wait where did it go?” Brit said as she started to get out the bed again.

“Furby, Furby.”

“It couldn’t just walk off!” the mother said. The friend stayed in the bed, refusing to move where she sat. She never understood the true meaning behind the toy. It looked like a cross between an owl and one of those creatures from the movie The Gremlins. The toy ran on batteries and it just said, “Furby” when ever you moved your hand in front of it. But the fact that Brit had turned the toy off and yet it was still on and now missing did not sit well with the friend. There was something more to the Furby.

“Found it!” The mother said. She walked back into the room with Brit right behind her. The mother, with a screwdriver, took the batteries out of the toy and place the toy back at it’s spot by the TV. “Okay girls, let’s go back to sleep now.” The mother and daughter climbed back into the bed and drifted off to sleep. The friend sat quickly on the bed, afraid to close her eyes. She watched the Furby, with it’s eyes now closed and sat quietly eloped in the darkness. Then she saw the toy widen it’s eyes. It’s head turned, which it was not able to do, and said, “Furby likes to eat children.”

Furby is watching you...

The friend screamed and ran out the room and to her friend’s room where her overnight bag stayed. She had to get out and quick. Then she heard Brit’s piercing scream echo throughout the house followed by the mother’s. The friend grabbed her bag and ran down stairs where she found the little monster waiting for her, it’s ears moving up and down.

“Furby likes to eat humans.”

“Please, leave me alone! I have a future ahead of me!”


“Please stop!”


“No I beg you!


And then there was silence.

Furby is your friend...