Old Nick vs New Nick Part 2

My Best Friend Carly hates iCarly. First of all, they have the same name. So when she would volunteer at Preschools and introduce herself, the little kids would ask her, “Hey aren’t you the girl from iCarly?” Second, they would ask her where Sam and Freddie were. Then they would ask her how come she wasn’t at home doing her show. This ticked Carly off 100%. Carly hated iCarly because she didn’t want to share the same name with a person who thought it was funny to make weird sounds and punch homeless people. She also didn’t understand the point of the show. Why was this girl trying to make the great points of Old Nick look so horrible? How was that even possible? Then there was the fact that people always called her iCarly.

The iCarly Cast. You might recognize Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) as the little sister from Drake and Josh and also School of Rock.

My friend looks nothing, and I repeat, nothing like Miranda Cosgrove. Carly has long wavy goldish brown hair while Miranda has straight black hair and as Carly says, “An annoying voice.” She was always disappointed when her youngest brother would watch iCarly on their TV at home. iCarly was a bad example and she learned nothing from her mistakes. According to my friend, Carly on the show broke at least 4 different laws whenever she watch the show (and she has seen the show about three times.) iCarly runs on doing stupid thing to make kids laugh. So how does that differ from the live action shows from the 90s?

All That was the preteen version of Saturday Night Live. They did crazy sketches involving food, loud noise, and wacky characters. Kennan and Kel was a show with two of All That’s members about two African American boys living in Chicago and the crazy things they got into. The Garcia Brothers, Unfabulous, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd, Clarissa Explains It All, ¬†and more were shows I watched as a kid. Some were random, and some I learned lessons from. The way the shows kept your attention with story lines and entertainment were balanced in these shows.

Check it, check it, check it, now this is just an introduction before I blow your mind. The show is All of That and yes we do it all the time. So sit your booty on the floor or in a chair, ground or in the air, just don't go no where. 'Cause everything we do It's all of that! When entertaining you; We all of that! My posse and my crew. It's all of that! So sit still 'cause we're coming right back!

Now I have watched iCarly a number of times. Mostly to catch a celebrity who is randomly on the show like The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons. And I do have to say that I understand why it’s popular. It tries to use the old humor that Nick use to have with it’s 90s shows and it’s early 2000s shows. But it doesn’t have that lastly effect that the shows I grew up with did. iCarly’s audience are children between 9-14. So what happened to kids from about 6-8? They watch it too, but what do they get from it? What good is throwing food at people and laughing if they got hurt? What lessons do they learn besides falling in love and not getting the guy you wanted? At least when I watched Zoey 101 I learned something from it.

So the question that has been formed is this: Is there truly a difference between Old Live Action Nick and New Live Action Nick? And the answer is yes and no. Watching these shows with my 10 year old Golden Retriever, I have discovered that there is a difference but also a similarity. New Nick shows concentrate on relationships more than they do the heart of the show making it a mini TeenNick. Heck iCarly and Victorious are part of TeenNick showing the marketing for Teens. So what happened to the Live Action Shows that were market towards children as well? I guess that is the difference between the 90s and now. The 90s had shows and movies where they made sure you learned a lesson at the end. It could had been that brushing your teeth is important and a kid would have gotten it.

Here let me give you a better example.

Spongebob Squarepants when it first started vs now

When Spongebob first aired, there was a great balance between learning a simple lesson and having fun. Hey I’m not going to lie here, I learned how to tie my shoes better watching that crazy yellow sponge. Now he just goes around doing overly stupid things with Patrick not learning anything at the end. It’s like the more stupid and disguesting you are, the funnier it is. That was not really the case when Spongebob first stated. Having Patrick as the stupid one was enough to get the point. But having both Patrick Star and Spongebob not get the point just creates confusion and does not build a good story line.

So which one wins for me? Old Nick for sure. Old Nickelodeon gives more of a fun safe feel to it that balances everything together from learning a lesson to laughing your heart away. TV ahas changed since I watched it. I can barely watch cartoons on Cartoon Network anymore (That’s for a different post). But I know that once this new generation grows up and Nick once again changes how they do their network, those kids will be making a post just like mine saying how much better iCarly is than Show blah blah blah. But I know that when that argument comes along, my friend Carly will be right there to prove them wrong.