The Time I Met Nathan Lane

Sitting at a fish restaurant that I could never afford, my eye caught a little girl standing by our table and giggling. I then saw her run up to a man who was sitting right next to us and said “Did you have a good dinner?” The little girl was silent until the mother said, “She just loves you in the Lion King.” Then my two friends freaked out. It wasn’t just a normal “Oh wow that’s so cool!” kind of freak out. It was a “HOLY BIRTHDAY CAKE BATMAN. NATHAN LANE IS SITTING AT THE TABLE NEXT TO US. I FORGOT HOW TO BREATH!” Freak out. Me, being me, didn’t believe them until he spoke a little louder. All my life I grew up to Nathan’s voice as Timon from the Lion King. Whenever I saw a picture of the character, I heard him. To be actually sitting next to him not only a foot away from me was amazing. My little 90s kid came out with a huge smile and the case of nerves. My two friends were crying at this point and I had to keep my cool. After we finished dinner and Nathan and his friends were eating dessert, we asked for a quick photo. (Honestly thank my friend for crying when she saw him. Because if she didn’t, I don’t think we would have gotten one.) And I meet the voice of my childhood.