Congratulations Newies!

Waking up was hard this morning. All I had to do was open my eyes to the shining light coming through my window and the sound of the Metra train coming into the station. I was tried and I didn’t want to get up but I had to. I opened my eyes to see that I slept with my computer on my stomach again. Working late nights to get work done just hours before they are due has become a very bad habit of mine.

Trying to wake up, I woke my computer up telling it that we had work to do. The screen turned on, blinding me with the sight of my Facebook page. I couldn’t remember why I was on there on the first place. But since I was already logged on, I looked at my New Feed. As a musical theatre geek, I love watching and celebrating the Tonys. They are everything to me. So it’s natural that I follow Broadway pages on facebook. All over my News Feed were the nominees for the Tonys. I was so excited. I clicked one of the Links and saw that Newies was nominated for 8 awards including Best Musical.

Newies cam out in 1992 staring a young Christian Bale. The story takes place around the turn of the century. The way the news got around in the morning, was through the Newies, a group of boys who sold the newspapers. When the head of a newspaper company raises the money for how many papers the Newies could sell for, they were outrages. They basically had to give back whatever they were paid. So they decide to strike the head of the company.This movie, made by Disney, is on of the best musical movies that came out during the 90s. It had great music, great dancing, and a wonderful storyline.

So congrats Newies for going to the Tonys. You have come a long way since just being a movie with a young Christian Bale.





Journal Entry: Osmosis Jones

Do you remember Osmosis Jones? It was a weird little cartoon/live action movie that came out in 2001 staring Chris Rock, Bill Murray, Lawrence Fishburne, David Hyde Pierce, and Molly Shannon. I was lying in bed the other night, flipping through the channels on my TV, when I came across this movie. I remember my friends saying how if you watched this movie, you were ready for any human body test because it showed lot of facts about the human body.

Osmosis Jones is about a white blood cell that teams up with Drix, a cold pill, to fight a deadly virus that is living in Bill Murray’s character’s body. Watching it as a kid, I didn’t catch a lot of the jokes or references that the movie had or why it was important to stay healthy. I knew that picking up food from the ground could cause you to be sick by unknown germs and I also understood the important of washing your hands. But as a 20 year old, I sat back and enjoyed the funny adult parts I didn’t get when I was little. I know a lot more about the human body now.

Osmosis Jones wasn’t the most popular children’s film, but it does have a nice small cult following. It even had a TV series for two years after the movie premiered. It’s a fun movie when you want to learn about being healthy and learning about the body. It’s one of those movies you have to sit down and just enjoy. So if you have time watch this movie (Secret: It’s on Youtube…). You will sit there thinking like I did, “Hmm, I wonder if that really goes on in my body?”