Space Jam

Now if you don’t know about Space Jam, then you were definitely not born in the 90s. This was THE movie of the decade with an all star cast staring ex-Bulls Champion Michael Jordan and the legendary Looney Tunes cast. Yes you heard right, Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes. Now a really great movie where live-action and animation meets hasn’t been successfully done, in my opinion, since Who Frame Roger Rabbit back in 1988.

Space Jam was a fictional autobiographical take on Michael Jordan’s life by 1996. He was a huge basketball icon in the 90s winning championships for the Chicago Bulls. He was a force to be reckon with and there was no stopping him. In the movie, Michael Jordan quits basketball to follow his dreams of being a pro-baseball player. However back in world where the Looney Tunes live in is being threaten by aliens who want to enslave them. Danny Devito stars as the Alien leader who owns an amusement park for aliens. Business is bad and there is a need to bring new entertainment for the customers. So the boss send 5 little aliens to enslaves the Looney Tunes after he watched a few episodes, making him laugh. The five aliens got to Looney Tune land to enslave the famous tune howeverBugs and the gang find it funny that “these puny little aliens” want to enslave. Wrong words Bugs. Did he forget that he was talking to aliens? When watching this as a kid, I remember yelling at the screen at Bugs and his stupid mistake.

The Aliens go to earth and stumble upon a basketball game where and the aliens think that since they challenged the Looney Tunes to a B-ball game where if the alines win, then the aliens take the tunes back to their home planet. Taking the talent away from 5 famous basketball players in the 90s, the aliens now are able to defeat the Looney Tunes. Bugs and Daffy decide that their only hope in not being enslave is to get the best basketball player there is to be on their team and train them: Michael Jordan.

If there was ever a mascot movie for the 90s, Space Jam was it. Michael Jordan was THE icon of the 90s and every little boy wanted to be like him. In the 90s, kids still knew who the Looney Tunes were and watched all the original cartoons when they came on TV. So mixing two famous icons with a pinch of Bill Murray and Stan Podolak, you get an inspirational movie about believing in yourself and also a movie about welcoming Michael Jordan back to Basketball.




Oh Clueless. This has to be the best modern day tellings of Jane Austin’s Emma. I love this movie long before I knew what it was based off of. Clueless was one of the teen 90s movies of our time. It was in every way perfect.

Clueless is about that girl from Beverly Hill named Cher whose dad is a big time lawyer. She lives a life of shopping, parties, and popularity. Her life is basically perfect. Having almost everything you ever wanted can be boring at times though. And when the new girl Tai from New York comes along, Cher sees a new project on her hands. Along with her best friend Dionne, Cher wants to make Tai into the perfect popular girl and set her up with one of the most popular guys at their school, Elton. Now you might be wondering why Cher doesn’t go after Elton herself. Well that’s because high school boys are diguesting with their baggy jeans and unwashed hair. I mean hello? That’s not what Cher wants. It takes her long enough to pick out her shoes because she is so overly picky. Cher likes the sophisticated type and nothing less.

Cher soon find herself in the presents of her ex-stepbrother Josh who is hiding out at Cher’s house and helping her dad out with work. Cher finds Josh annoying with his college boy ways and but he is one of the few people who tolerates her and her crazy ways. Soon the movie ends up with Cher realizing that the person that she always loved was Josh and that he was the only guy worthy of her because he liked her for herself. If you read Emma, you would notice all the similarities this movie and the book has. It is on my list for best modern version of a Jane Austin book.

Clueless is not know only for the story line, but for the clothes as well. When you have a movie that is based around rich kids in Beverly Hills, of course there is going to be a focus on clothes.

If you haven’t seen Clueless, I recommend you watching it. It’s a good laugh and a great blast from the past.