Beverly Hills: 90210 vs 90210 (An Interview)

Everyone should have a heard of Beverly Hills: 90210. If not, then you didn’t have a TV or you weren’t born in the 90s. I myself have never watched the show. but I knew that it was a melodrama about teens in Beverly Hill learning about life the California way. A lot of shows were like that in the 90s and the early 2000s before they became slapstick and overly dramatic than normal; So overly dramatic that people can’t relate to the characters.

Would you like your teen drama dramatic or overly dramatic with a side of being predictable?

While waiting in line to see Starkid at their panel at C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) I was talking to a friend of mine Crystal, who is a Journalism Major at Columbia College, about this blog. We started talking about the 90s and how most of the people in line can’t really appreciate what the 90s had to offer, for example Beverly Hills:90210. I told her that I had seen at least the first 7 or so episodes of the remake 90210 when it first came out but it was too over dramatic for my taste. I then asked her a few questions about the differences between the original and the remake.

Me: Can you talk about the differences in 90210?

Crystal: The original focuses on two teenager who are struggling to get use to a new location. The new series puts them in the same situation but more exaggerated situations which make the show less relatable. But with the popularity of reality TV, the unbelievable is what we want instead of relating to characters.

Me: Can you give me some examples?

C: The old episodes tackled things like relationships, popularity, friendships. The new series does the same but it complicates where it’s not authentic. They can tackle drunk driving but then it’s like that is never going to happen. You are being way to serious. You start to tell yourself “That would never happen in real life” and that’s what makes it less interesting and makes the original one more appealing.

Me: So overall, what is you conclusion between the two? Is the new one better?

C: The topics are a good idea but they purposely over exaggerate it and the audience can predict it. We want to be surprised not write the whole story as we watch it.