Oh Clueless. This has to be the best modern day tellings of Jane Austin’s Emma. I love this movie long before I knew what it was based off of. Clueless was one of the teen 90s movies of our time. It was in every way perfect.

Clueless is about that girl from Beverly Hill named Cher whose dad is a big time lawyer. She lives a life of shopping, parties, and popularity. Her life is basically perfect. Having almost everything you ever wanted can be boring at times though. And when the new girl Tai from New York comes along, Cher sees a new project on her hands. Along with her best friend Dionne, Cher wants to make Tai into the perfect popular girl and set her up with one of the most popular guys at their school, Elton. Now you might be wondering why Cher doesn’t go after Elton herself. Well that’s because high school boys are diguesting with their baggy jeans and unwashed hair. I mean hello? That’s not what Cher wants. It takes her long enough to pick out her shoes because she is so overly picky. Cher likes the sophisticated type and nothing less.

Cher soon find herself in the presents of her ex-stepbrother Josh who is hiding out at Cher’s house and helping her dad out with work. Cher finds Josh annoying with his college boy ways and but he is one of the few people who tolerates her and her crazy ways. Soon the movie ends up with Cher realizing that the person that she always loved was Josh and that he was the only guy worthy of her because he liked her for herself. If you read Emma, you would notice all the similarities this movie and the book has. It is on my list for best modern version of a Jane Austin book.

Clueless is not know only for the story line, but for the clothes as well. When you have a movie that is based around rich kids in Beverly Hills, of course there is going to be a focus on clothes.

If you haven’t seen Clueless, I recommend you watching it. It’s a good laugh and a great blast from the past.


A Memory in Pictures of Clothes in the 90s

We all wore them either when we were a kid, a teen, or adult, they were the styles of the 90s.


Fanny Pack

Bright and Baggy (Yeah baggy was a style name. What in the world?)

Belly tops to show off that awesome belly ring or maybe a nice floral dress. See through was also very popular.

DENIM (Yes that’s the Cast of Beverly Hills 90210)

I don’t even want to ask.

Fashion in every decade is different. And although some might argue that the 90s was the time of simplicity, I would have to say it was the time of making everything loud yet simple.


1 Saturday Morning

I don’t even think there is one anymore to be honest. 1 Saturday Morning was on ABC every Saturday morning starting around 6 or 7 o’clock in the morning. I remember waking up at around 9 on Saturdays, getting myself a cup of yogurt and fruit, and running back t my room to watch Saturday Morning cartoons just like my dad trained me to do.


The House of Mouse

Pepper Ann

The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show

And let’s not forget everyones favorite School House Rock!

For years this was what was on on Saturday mornings followed by the Power Rangers. I would always relax on my bed until my parents got up and enjoy a morning with no school. It was refreshing and fun. And once Monday came along, I was able to talk to my friends about the awesome cartoons that was on that day. Now there were other channels that had Saturday morning cartoons. Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, WGN or now know as The CW, CBS, and NBC. When I turned 11 o 12, Saturday Morning Cartoons went from Cartoons to watching live action shows or even the news. The demand to watch cartoons in the morning was soon pushed to cable channels where you could watch cartoons all day. But it wasn’t the same. Saturday Morning Cartoons was a special moment in a child’s life. And to watch the new episodes of shows that come on in the morning on different channels was a real treat. But sadly they hardly do that any more. It’s 2012 and last week, Nick started airing their newest cartoon The Legend of Korra Saturday mornings at 11/10 EST. This gave me hope and a since of nostalgia. Having to get up excited over watching cartoons in the morning is how being a kid is suppose to be.

Talking Toys Part 3: Diva Dolls

They were the blinking, talking dolls that you can hold conversations with and play games with. Perfect for a only child like me. I got mine when I was about 10. I changed her outfit everyday and different times of the day, since she knew what time it was. We always sang and joked together. And I have to say that she was my best friend for a while. I braided her hair, we walked her pet around the house, it was a great friendship.

Sadly I started to out grow her when I turned 11. She was starting to get boring and annoying. I could only change her outfit so much. And our bond was soon broken. I turned her off for the last time that one winter’s night and went to bed. A few hours later I heard someone talking in my room. I didn’t know who was in there and it definitely wasn’t my mom or dad’s voice. I got out of my nice safe warm bed and started to search for the source of the talking. And there she was, my Diva Doll staring at me. I turned her over and saw that she was off but she kept blinking, moving her head, and talking to me.

“There is a reason I don’t like talking toys like you.” I mumbled.

“Oh yeah? Then why don’t you prove it.” my eyes widen and my mouth hung open as I heard my toy talk to me. Not the same lines she was programed to say, but it answered my question directly.

“Yeah that’s right Monica,” it continued. “I’m speaking to you. I know what your thinking and I’m nothing like those demon Furbies. I will actually give you a chance to prove that you can beat me.” I screamed and dropped the toy on the ground and ran into my parents room. I refused to leave until the batteries in the toy was out and my Diva Doll was put away somewhere.

It wasn’t until I was 18 years old that I found her again. She was in the crawl space of our house located in the basement where a lot of my talking toys ended up. Her eyes were closed and her hair was a mess. Knowing that the toy scared me, I knew that I couldn’t leave her looking like a hot mess with her hair all messed up. So I took five minutes to brush her hair out and put it into a braid. I smiled down at her and place her back in her box where I found her. Crawling out and trying to avoid the Daddy Long Legs and spider webs, I heard a faint “Thanks girlfriend!” Come from behind me. I never crawled out of that crawl space quicker.

Disney Channel, Where in the World Did You Go?

Lizzie McGuire

That’s So Raven

Even Stevens

The Proud Family

The Famous Jet Jackson

Bug Juice

Kim Possible

Dave the Barberian

What ever happened to these shows? In the 90s and the early 2000s, these were the shows that everyone watched on Disney Channel that actually made sense. There were no wizards, no secret pop stars, no dancers. They were shows about preteens/teens dealing with real problems. Yeah Kim Possible was a super spy along with Jett Jackson, but they had story lines that didn’t sugar coat problems people went through like today. I will have to say that the only Disney Channel show worth watching now is Phineas and Ferb. That show brings the true meaning of what Disney Channel use to be: Fun and educational. What was your favorite show?

Beverly Hills: 90210 vs 90210 (An Interview)

Everyone should have a heard of Beverly Hills: 90210. If not, then you didn’t have a TV or you weren’t born in the 90s. I myself have never watched the show. but I knew that it was a melodrama about teens in Beverly Hill learning about life the California way. A lot of shows were like that in the 90s and the early 2000s before they became slapstick and overly dramatic than normal; So overly dramatic that people can’t relate to the characters.

Would you like your teen drama dramatic or overly dramatic with a side of being predictable?

While waiting in line to see Starkid at their panel at C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) I was talking to a friend of mine Crystal, who is a Journalism Major at Columbia College, about this blog. We started talking about the 90s and how most of the people in line can’t really appreciate what the 90s had to offer, for example Beverly Hills:90210. I told her that I had seen at least the first 7 or so episodes of the remake 90210 when it first came out but it was too over dramatic for my taste. I then asked her a few questions about the differences between the original and the remake.

Me: Can you talk about the differences in 90210?

Crystal: The original focuses on two teenager who are struggling to get use to a new location. The new series puts them in the same situation but more exaggerated situations which make the show less relatable. But with the popularity of reality TV, the unbelievable is what we want instead of relating to characters.

Me: Can you give me some examples?

C: The old episodes tackled things like relationships, popularity, friendships. The new series does the same but it complicates where it’s not authentic. They can tackle drunk driving but then it’s like that is never going to happen. You are being way to serious. You start to tell yourself “That would never happen in real life” and that’s what makes it less interesting and makes the original one more appealing.

Me: So overall, what is you conclusion between the two? Is the new one better?

C: The topics are a good idea but they purposely over exaggerate it and the audience can predict it. We want to be surprised not write the whole story as we watch it.

Old Nick vs New Nick Part 2

My Best Friend Carly hates iCarly. First of all, they have the same name. So when she would volunteer at Preschools and introduce herself, the little kids would ask her, “Hey aren’t you the girl from iCarly?” Second, they would ask her where Sam and Freddie were. Then they would ask her how come she wasn’t at home doing her show. This ticked Carly off 100%. Carly hated iCarly because she didn’t want to share the same name with a person who thought it was funny to make weird sounds and punch homeless people. She also didn’t understand the point of the show. Why was this girl trying to make the great points of Old Nick look so horrible? How was that even possible? Then there was the fact that people always called her iCarly.

The iCarly Cast. You might recognize Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) as the little sister from Drake and Josh and also School of Rock.

My friend looks nothing, and I repeat, nothing like Miranda Cosgrove. Carly has long wavy goldish brown hair while Miranda has straight black hair and as Carly says, “An annoying voice.” She was always disappointed when her youngest brother would watch iCarly on their TV at home. iCarly was a bad example and she learned nothing from her mistakes. According to my friend, Carly on the show broke at least 4 different laws whenever she watch the show (and she has seen the show about three times.) iCarly runs on doing stupid thing to make kids laugh. So how does that differ from the live action shows from the 90s?

All That was the preteen version of Saturday Night Live. They did crazy sketches involving food, loud noise, and wacky characters. Kennan and Kel was a show with two of All That’s members about two African American boys living in Chicago and the crazy things they got into. The Garcia Brothers, Unfabulous, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd, Clarissa Explains It All,  and more were shows I watched as a kid. Some were random, and some I learned lessons from. The way the shows kept your attention with story lines and entertainment were balanced in these shows.

Check it, check it, check it, now this is just an introduction before I blow your mind. The show is All of That and yes we do it all the time. So sit your booty on the floor or in a chair, ground or in the air, just don't go no where. 'Cause everything we do It's all of that! When entertaining you; We all of that! My posse and my crew. It's all of that! So sit still 'cause we're coming right back!

Now I have watched iCarly a number of times. Mostly to catch a celebrity who is randomly on the show like The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons. And I do have to say that I understand why it’s popular. It tries to use the old humor that Nick use to have with it’s 90s shows and it’s early 2000s shows. But it doesn’t have that lastly effect that the shows I grew up with did. iCarly’s audience are children between 9-14. So what happened to kids from about 6-8? They watch it too, but what do they get from it? What good is throwing food at people and laughing if they got hurt? What lessons do they learn besides falling in love and not getting the guy you wanted? At least when I watched Zoey 101 I learned something from it.

So the question that has been formed is this: Is there truly a difference between Old Live Action Nick and New Live Action Nick? And the answer is yes and no. Watching these shows with my 10 year old Golden Retriever, I have discovered that there is a difference but also a similarity. New Nick shows concentrate on relationships more than they do the heart of the show making it a mini TeenNick. Heck iCarly and Victorious are part of TeenNick showing the marketing for Teens. So what happened to the Live Action Shows that were market towards children as well? I guess that is the difference between the 90s and now. The 90s had shows and movies where they made sure you learned a lesson at the end. It could had been that brushing your teeth is important and a kid would have gotten it.

Here let me give you a better example.

Spongebob Squarepants when it first started vs now

When Spongebob first aired, there was a great balance between learning a simple lesson and having fun. Hey I’m not going to lie here, I learned how to tie my shoes better watching that crazy yellow sponge. Now he just goes around doing overly stupid things with Patrick not learning anything at the end. It’s like the more stupid and disguesting you are, the funnier it is. That was not really the case when Spongebob first stated. Having Patrick as the stupid one was enough to get the point. But having both Patrick Star and Spongebob not get the point just creates confusion and does not build a good story line.

So which one wins for me? Old Nick for sure. Old Nickelodeon gives more of a fun safe feel to it that balances everything together from learning a lesson to laughing your heart away. TV ahas changed since I watched it. I can barely watch cartoons on Cartoon Network anymore (That’s for a different post). But I know that once this new generation grows up and Nick once again changes how they do their network, those kids will be making a post just like mine saying how much better iCarly is than Show blah blah blah. But I know that when that argument comes along, my friend Carly will be right there to prove them wrong.

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