Lessons on Being Patient: A Guide for Every Generation

No matter how you look at it, everyone will always say that their generation was better.

When I was at C2E2 about a week ago, I was waiting in line for John Cusack’s panel. There I met this lovely 31 year old who told me that the 90s sucked and that the 80s were so much better. Surprising her, I agreed with her comment and said, “Although I was born in the 90s and grew up in the 90s/the early 2000s, I will always love that era. However I will always be a fan and respect the 80s because that was a wild decade.” Which is true. Anyone who loves the 80s like I do will agree that the 80s was a crazy decade. We had Hair bands, Metallica, John William’s films, crazy hairdos and don’ts, The rise of the Valley Girls, MTV, and so many more things that I can’t think of right now. It was a different time and much different place. It was a decade and generation that made the people of the 70s say that their decade was better. That the 70s had everything, not the 80s. And every decade/generation will say that about the time they grew up in. Yet everyone should practice patients when talking to someone who doesn’t know a lot about the time you grew up in.

That is where my short little story begins. Doing interviews of people for this blog, I came across a 15 year old girl who was born in ’96. I figured, hey I could ask her a couple of questions for my project. She should know some of these references. Boy was I wrong or what. I asked her what was the scariest toy she could remember coming out in the 90s/early 2000s and she said the Furby was. That was a common answer to most of the people I interviewed. However when I asked this next question, I felt like punching a hole in the wall. I asked the girl who did she like better: Britney Spears or Christiana Aguilera? She responded, “Who are they? I don’t know how to answer that question. They sound familiar though…”

What I wanted to say to this girl was, “Where have you been to not know who either of these women are? Even though my mom doesn’t know much about them, she still knows the names and she would say that she prefers Christina since she is a judge on the voice. But you should be able to answer this question with no hesitation.”

Instead I said, “Do you watch Glee?”

“Yes.” She responded.

“Do you remember the Britney/Brittany episode?”


“You know all the songs they sang in that episode was from Britney Spears right?”

“Oh really? That is so cool! I didn’t know that!”

“Do you watch The Voice?” I asked her.

“No, if a Glee member isn’t on it then she hasn’t seen it.” Her friend said. “It’s either Glee, Gossip Girl, 90210, or Vampire Diaries.”

At this moment I took a deep breath and smiled. I nodded my head and proceeded to ask the friend her opinions on my questions which she was overly happy to answer. She was a big fan of the 80s and 90s and respected everything about it unlike her friends.

Patience is key when you are talking to people who are uninformed about a whole decade. Yes you could yell or scream at the person. And you have every right to judge them. But you have to be the bigger person and tell them that it is not always good to be ignorant of other generations.

So what are my key points again?

  • Deep breathing
  • Smile
  • Keep all homicidal thoughts to yourself
  • Remain Calm
  • Explain

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