Journal Entry: My Favorite Disney Movies

What was my favorite Disney movie? That has been a big question since I entered into college. For a while I pretended that it was the Lion King. But then I realized that I only like the movie because I love the musical. But this took a year to really think about the answer for. I was lost thinking about every single Disney movie I watched as a child over and over again. What movie I watched every week not which one I had the most toys from because that was what my parents and my Grandparents got me. It was a challenged but after a year of thinking, I think I came up with the answer.

I thought about the times I would visit my Big Mama, my mom’s mother, over on the West Side of Chicago. Since she only had local channels, I would bring over my own movies to watch. The three movies I would always bring were The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Oliver and Company, The Rescuers: Down Under, and The Fox and the Hound. Sure I loved the Disney Princesses and I was a huge fan of Peter Pan since I loved Tinkerbell so much. But those four movies were always the ones I would watch. Kind of strange isn’t it?

My favorite Disney Movies

However they weren’t strange or random picks by a five-year-old going to her Big Mama’s house. All four movies were related in a way. These four movies weren’t fairy tales where the main character got everything they wanted, well maybe Oliver and Company, but all of them had the message of being different is normal. That you have to face your problems head on and that no matter what, you will have friends by your side. Now you might be saying “Hey there Monica, that’s The Lion King you are talking about.” But it’s not. The Lion King had a whole different message to it. Yes those were the sub messages, but the main one was that you have to follow the circle of life. My four favorite movies dealt with more serious issues. They were a bit darker than most, and they had a more mature story line than the Lion King. (Please don’t kill me) These three movies including The Great Mouse Detective, which I never owned but saw on a few occasions, were some of the most underrated Disney films ever. They deserve more hype than they have.

Sitting with friends and talking about why we love the films we loved, I knew why I love these three films better than any other Disney movie. Yes the Lion King showed Mufasa’s death and all that jazz, but it didn’t show the true darkness and sadness that the Hunchback showed. It didn’t show the loneliness that Oliver and Company had. And it didn’t show the true bound of Friendship and trust that Oliver and Company had. I might be rambling right now but this is a simple journal entry about my thoughts about my favorite Disney movies. I just feel like they should be heard. What was your favorite Disney movie and why? Do you think it’s underrated?

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