Talking Toys Part 1: Cabbage Patch Kids

To her it was like any other day. She woke up in her bed, yawned, and wiped the sleepy out of her eyes. She was a bit confused on why her parents kept telling her that Christmas was tomorrow yesterday. She didn’t really understand what Christmas was. All she knew was that her parents were excited. And if they were excited, then she guessed that she could be excited as well.

The little girl waited until her parents came into her room and picked her up saying, “Merry Christmas Moo-moo!” the two-year old smiled up at her parents and gave them a hug. They walked her to the living room, which was right down the hall from her room, and sat her down in front of the Christmas tree. She smiled with delight seeing all the new toys that were in front of her. Then she saw it. It was a doll. Well it was more like a stuffed baby doll but a doll no less. The doll was smiling at her with brown hair sticking up like weeds. His eyes were big and brown and had a huge smile on his face. The little girl carefully crawled over to the two and picked up it. She examined him for a while before she gave her approve. This baby doll was different than most others. It was heavier and it was also bigger than her other dolls.

The girls mother walked over to her and said, “This is a talking cabbage patch kid! You squeeze it right here on the tummy and then-“ the mother squeeze the stomach of the toy and a laugh came from it. The little girl moved away from it.

“No, no sweetie, it won’t hurt you!” the mother said. But the girl wasn’t listening. Tears started to run from her small brown eyes down her soft brown skin. When she squeezed it again it said “I love you!” and she through it across the room. Toys weren’t supposed to talk. They weren’t even supposed to laugh! And here was a perfectly good toy and it talked and laughed. What was it going to do next? Try to eat her food? The little girl did not like talking toys. And her parents found that out after searching ten different Toys ‘R Us to find this hot item.

“Maybe in the future she will like them.” Said her father.

To be Continued.


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