The Easy Bake Oven Nightmare

Who remembers the Easy Bake Oven? I do and my parents certainly do as well. They always bought the accessories for me but I much preferred baking with a real stove than a fake one. I always baked Christmas cookies with my dad ever since I was just a few months old. My parents would buy all the accessories for me and everything to go with the oven Santa bought for me. But see for some reason, I was too scared to use it.

Safe and fun until you get nightmares...

See it all started when I went to bed when I was about 5 years old Christmas night. I had this dream that I was baking with my easy bake oven like one of the girls on the commercial. Then suddenly, the small little oven that was white and pink and no bigger than a mini microwave, smiled at me.

“Hey there princess/” it spoke to me. My eyes widened at how this toy was talking to me. More less forming words and smiling!

“Yeah princess you heard right, I’m talking to you.” It told me. Me in my white little mermaid pjs and my hair all in braids walked closer to my talking Easy Bake Oven.

“No need to be afraid of my princess. I don’t bite.” It winked at me.

“Toys aren’t suppose to talk.” I told it. I watched it chuckle at my statement and then sighed.

“And dolls aren’t meant to be played with. Look princess you have something I want.”

“What is that?”

“You food of course! I want you to make something inside of me! Let’s have some fun!” I smiled at my Easy Bake Oven and started to get my things together to bake. Once the little packages were mixed together in my M&M pan to make a cake, I walk closer to my little oven to open it.

“Careful princess. Don’t want me to gabble you up!” it told me. I giggled and opened the door to the oven. When suddenly my Easy Bake Oven opened it’s mouth wider and gulped me up whole.

I woke up the next morning in my bed and realized that it was all a dream; A freighting dream. A terrifying dream. I hardly touched my little Easy Bake Oven since then. It’s now been given away to charity or to a friend. I don’t remember which. But I was glad when it was gone. No more dreams about being eaten by my toys. I was safe. For now that is.


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