Tamagotchi: Collect Them All!

Tamagotchi. How do I even begin to talk about Tamagotchi? When I was about 5, I had a Little Mermaid themed Tamagotchi that was my whole life for about two weeks. I don’t remember if I got him for Christmas or my birthday, but I do remember that digital toy being my life. It was purple and it was shaped like shells unlike the normal egg shaped most of the other Tamagotchis were. This mini digital game started with you raising a fish, which I named Spot and I made sure I took care of it. I fed it, and cleaned up after it, and I made sure that Ursula didn’t eat or kill it.

Spot was such a good little fish. No fresh water required.

One day I came home from school looking for Spot but I couldn’t find him. I looked in my room, downstairs in the kitchen, I looked in the living room, and I even looked near my dog’s food bowl. But Spot was nowhere to be seen. I asked my mom where spot went and she told me that she hadn’t seen spot since she saved him from Ursula earlier that day. So Spot was lost. I was so sad and lonely. Well not really sad since I had my dog and other toys.

Years later, my grandparents took me to Toys ‘R Us as a congratulations for my good grades. I was in the fourth grade and I got all A’s on my report card. When we were looking around I spotted it. A small Tamagotchi that was pink and white. It was the cutest thing ever. I named my new one Angel and it turned out that Angel was a boy. But that didn’t stop me from loving that little creature with all my heart. For a month I took Angel everywhere until suddenly, the little digital toy died.

I was in the seventh grade when I got a new one. It was the latest edition Tamagotchi and I named my first little alien Fabio. Tamagotchis actually had a story to them that I never understood what it was until I was 13. Aliens need to find a new home so they lay eggs here on earth and we have to take care of them. The little aliens grow up from being a baby, to a child, to an Adult, and then an elderly little alien. You can have you alien play with your friends by pointing the red bean to the other person’s Tamagotchi. I really did enjoy having a Tamagothi and playing with my friends. However I saw that I was getting very obsessive over the game going to my locker almost after class to feed it, bath it, and make sure it was sleeping okay. There was a pause feature, but being the dotting mother I was, I couldn’t bear to leave it alone. Soon Angel’s battery died and I got a new one. However the system didn’t work very well with a new battery so I had to give Angel a funeral where he was lost forever in my dad’s car.


It wasn’t until I was 16 when I found Spot again. For her birthday gift, my mom decided to redo our whole kitchen to build her “dream” kitchen. As I was packing up the kitchen knick-knack drawers, I was surprised to find Spot.

“Mom! What was spot doing in here?” I asked her. My mom turned around and laughed.

“Oh! That’s where I placed it!” she said to me.

“What do you mean?”

“Well one night I heard this beeping noise and I couldn’t figure out what it was so I went searching the whole house for the thing. And then when I found your toy, I decided to hide it in this drawer. You never went in here since there were scissors there and you could had cut yourself, so I knew it was safe there.”

Spot was of course dead at this point, if it felt great to have him back in my arms. Tamagotchi’s have sold millions upon millions since the late 1980s. Their little portable digital game was a huge hit that made McDonalds made little keychains out of the different aliens that some adults still have today hanging from their bags. Everyone had a Tamagotchi story. What was yours?

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  1. Bryan
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 20:11:12

    I have a tamagotci app on my phone that acts as my wallpaper. The little fucker’s name is Kotori and he cannot handle being alive for more than a day. The longest I ‘ve gone with him living was 17 days and one day I checked my phone during a writers at lunch, saw the little bird dead in the grass surrounded by poop… I slammed my fists on the table and cried, “FOR FUCKS SAKE, KOTORI.”

    I don’t think the Fiction Writing Department was amused…


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